Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Show your honeymoon photos on your TV with Tivo

Got a Tivo box? You can do a slideshow of pics from your PC on your TV with a free downloadable application from Tivo called Tivo Desktop. It's pretty cool...and the pics come out sharp and colorful on the TV.

What you need to make this work: first, some sort of network connection to your PC (I have a wireless card on my Tivo box, which I finally got after the Tivo box drove me nuts dialing out at all hours of the day to get updated TV listings!). The Tivo box looks just like another computer on your network. Next, you download the free Tivo Desktop software to the PC that has your photos, then in that software you pic folders on your computer to share with Tivo.

That's about it. Sitting in front of your TV, you go through the Tivo menu to find the shared folders on your computer, then once you're inside the folder, there's an option to do a slideshow.

Let's face it--if you drag home your laptop and Infocus projector from work to show some friends your pics, you really look pretty nerdy :-)

-- Michael


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