Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Automation vs. Experts: the Google U-turn fiasco

We love Mapquest, Google Earth and other automated mapping systems that
help us get from point A to point B without ever asking a (fallible) human being for directions.

Unfortunately, as much as we hate to admit it, Google gets it wrong too...like when it insists upon 230 U-turns in order to travel 37 miles in New Jersey.

In order to combat this problem of errant locations, our travel specialists at TheBigDay personally hand-code the and pinpoint the coordinates of each resort, so that when you search for that awesome overwater
in Bora Bora, you find it on the tiny motu, where it should be...and not in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

Thanks to valleywag for the Google link.

Update: apparently this caused Google Maps sufficient embarassment that they got it fixed already! Kudos to the Google Maps folks for getting on it right away.


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