Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Uganda Wedding Parties - Kasikis

This article - Uganda Wedding Parties: Kasikis is an interesting one.

The writer, a non-native English speaker, is examining the up tick in crazy Kasiki parties. Kasiki is the Ugandan version of a bachelor's or buck's party. Traditionally, it was a time when older men would speak to the groom-to-be about how to care for his wife.

Women would have a similar tradition, called kufumbirira, where the woman was spoken to by her elders and locked inside of a room, away from prying eyes, and covered in ghee, to appear more appealing and plump to her husband.

Nowadays, however, these traditions have been largely usurped by western traditions of heavy drinking, wild parties and strippers - a sharp contrast to the traditional ways.

The fact those traditions are changing is reason enough to read the article, however, the way the author explains and frames these changes with his word choices and idioms might be even more telling.


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