Thursday, April 17, 2008

TheBigDay Wedding Vendor Listings and Reviews

When TheBigDay first started back in 2001 as a registry company, we noticed that couples kept asking us to help them with their honeymoon travel plans. After we added honeymoon travel advising a few years later, brides started inquiring about destination weddings. After we incorporated those services, couples wanted to know, could we help them with their domestic weddings?

In response to these questions, we're happy to announce our new wedding planning section, where wedding vendors can list their company, review other companies they've worked with and ask for reviews of their own services. We've included lots of goodies like an optional Google Earth map with your location, a large image and a link to the vendor's website.

Learn more about the wedding vendor program on our sign up page or check out existing listings for inspiration or research in our wedding planning section.

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