Friday, February 16, 2007

Peter Pan Peanut Butter Recall...and TheBigDay?

As many people have heard...a large batch of Peter Pan Peanut Butter was recalled earlier this week, late on Valentine's Day.

One of TheBigDay travel specialists, Michelle, got an extra special gift from the form of incorrect dials!

It turns out the number listed for more information about the recall - 866-344-6970, reverses two numbers from Michelle's direct line.

The result? Michelle received literally HUNDREDS of calls from irate, worried or curious Peter Pan Peanut Butter customers.

There were so many mis-dials that Michelle ended up changing her phone number. She left a message on the old line that said who she was, and what her new phone number had changed to, so couples whose honeymoon she was planning could still contact her.

Still, the message that she was not the ConAgra Foods/Peter Pan Peanut Butter Recall line didn't stop the most determined customers, who then proceeded to copy down her new number and dial it to ask her about the recall.

For more information on the recall, please visit the FDA website.

-- Courtney

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