Monday, June 18, 2007

Power Converters

A common question we hear is: "can I use my camera charger (or cell phone charger, or hair dryer, or....) in Tahiti (or Italy, or Australia, or Kenya...etc.).

The answer is...YES!

Well, as long as you bring the right converter, you can. And while it's pretty much either the 110V/60Hz that we have in the United States or 220V/50Hz everywhere else, there's an absolutely dizzying array of combinations of plug layouts.

We found a great website that lays out what kind of plug(s) you'll need for any given country. And yes, some countries have multiple types :-(

It's Steve Kropla's Help for World Travellers site.

Once you figure out what you need, try World for ordering (it's where I got my converter for my own honeymoon to Kenya and the Seychelles).



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