Monday, October 29, 2007

Oh my my! The Wizard of Oz and Honeymoon Registries

With Halloween right around the corner, and Dorothy's, Scarecrows and Cowardly Lions aplenty underfoot, we took a look at some of the registries that have made odes to the Wizard of Oz and all its timeless characters:

Swimsuits, beach clothes, and shades oh my!
Aberdeen, Inverness and Dingwall, oh my!
Museums, Art and Haunted Houses - Oh my!
Waffles, and Pancakes, and French Toast, OH MY!
Hula dancers, fire, and roast pig, oh my!
Flowers, birds, and butterflies -- oh my!
Strawberries and chocolate and wine-- Oh My!
Sloths, Monkeys, and Quetzals oh my!
Taxis, transfers, and trains.... oh my!
Taxis, Trolleys, Trams, Oh My!
Lions and Tigers and Bears! Oh My!
Exploring, Tours, Expenses, oh my!
Jeeps, helicopters, and boats, Oh My!
Sea turtles and sharks and sting rays, oh my!
Mojitos, Margaritas & Pina Coladas oh my!
Sloths, Monkeys, and Quetzals oh my!
Butterflies and coffee, oh my!
Lions and Tigers and Bears... Oh my!!
Caves, Gloworms, and Trees...OH My!
Pagodas, museums, cathedrals... oh my!
Gratuties, Cabs, Tube Fare, Oh My!
Running of the Bulls, Oh my!
Bikes, Boats & Elephants...oh my!
Shades, flip-flops and togas, oh my!
Backpacks and suitcases, oh my!
Rain storms, sun burns, and sand flies... Oh my!
Roos, wallabies and wombats oh my!
Lions and tigers and bears oh my
Kangaroos, penguins and seals-- oh my!
Coffee, Ukeleles, Pooka Shells (oh my!)
Lions, tigers and bears...oh my! (Kenya)
Three nights of "Lions and Tigers and Bears oh my!
Lions, Tigers and Bears...oh my! (Kenya)
Gravad Lax, Pickled Herring, Cloudberries, OH MY!

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