Monday, July 16, 2007 Site Re-Launch

There are some fantastic changes happening over at!

We are pleased to announce that starting today, has an entirely new design. Now, it's even easier to search for expert advice, read up on your destination with our travel guides and manage your registry and travel plans with the 'OurBigDay' section.

We've also added some new features in the past few weeks including:

The ability to clone registry items from shared registries

Easy-share of photo albums with guests

Personal resort ratings

Currency conversion for guests who may be traveling from out of the country

In the upcoming weeks, look for additional articles including our guide to destination weddings, improved search functions and social networking opportunities.

Fly on over to TheBigDay to check out the new site. Let us know your thoughts (and any errors you might find!) by emailing us at TechSupport at TheBigDay d-o-t com.

Michael, Jared and the rest of TheBigDay Team

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Friday, July 06, 2007

Transumers: The Experience vs. The Item

There's a new buzzword for consumers out there called 'Transumers'. Transumers are the people who favor experiences instead of items.

These are the people who, like myself, would rather spend $100 on a good meal than $100 on a shirt.

A cute way of putting it is that transumers collect memories instead of stuff - which is exactly what our couples at TheBigDay do all the time by listing experiences on their registries.

These registries are some examples and are full of awesome experiences. The honeymoon registry provides opportunities for a couple to create wonderful memories that they'll have forever...long after the china has chipped and the blender has broken.

For more on 'transumers', check out Transumers: A Life of Experiences